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Try taking a plain cotton ball and carefully wiping down the CD, starting from the center hole and swiping in other words, firm strokes towards the edge. Nevertheless, you never wish to run a cotton ball, cleaner or rag around the disk, like an old made record player. This can irreparably harm the CD.

How to Clean Scratched CDs If you've tried cleaning the CD down with a cotton ball or utilizing easy household cleaners and still can't play the CD, hold it as much as the light, tilting it backward and forward, to inspect for scratches. Scratches from the center to room generally do not impact performance, however scratches that follow around the disk can hinder efficiency.

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Focus your polishing and cleaning efforts on the scratch to reduce unexpected damage to the remainder of the CD. Homemade Remedies Since scratches are generally just in the plastic finishing of the CD, they can be buffed out with abrasive polishes. Always check How to clean CDs , no matter how moderate, on a CD that you don't care about previously utilizing it on something you favor.

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When you understand it will not harm your particular CD, you can proceed. Typical home items that make great CD polishers to rub out scratches include: Paste toothpaste (Note: do not utilize gel tooth paste) Sodium bicarbonate blended with water to form a paste Brasso Cleansing Instructions To clean scratched CDs using family cleansers, follow these simple actions: Find the scratch on the CD surface area.

Use a percentage of tooth paste, baking soda mix or Brasso, using only one cleanser at a time. Gently rub from center to rim only on the scratch itself with the cleanser. Rinse off the toothpaste or sodium bicarbonate mixture. If using Brasso, merely wipe tidy. Pat the CD dry with a cloth and try playing it.

Remember to be extremely gentle with the polish. You're trying to buff the scratches off the plastic layer. Be careful, if you rub too hard, you can irreparably damage the under layer and the CD will not play. Commercial Products Several companies make packages, machines and items to fix scratched CDs.

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