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After ALL the lots of do it yourself projects that I have actually taken on, I was in fact nervous to paint. Yes, paint. How could I fidget?? I think I hyped up the idea of this magical formula a lot that my gung-ho mindset went out the door. And for me, when I fidget, things fail.

Generally, all the excellent stuff settles to the bottom and requires to be well mixed around. Obviously, shake and stir as well. Yup, I started painting WITHOUT removing, sanding, or priming the existing wood. That's the beauty of chalk paint. It's created to adhere to a lot of any surface area including wood, concrete, vinyl, and even tubs (I found out that from Trish too).

So coat 1 went on similar to typical. Utilizing my favorite Purdy brush, I applied a light coat of this stunning color. Then coat 2. Two coats was simply enough for a lot of locations, however a few spots require three. Done. Trish stressed that it wasn't excellent to paint in the heat, however I was simply fine since I was inside, in the A/C perfect conditions! This Article Is More In-Depth wasn't sure what the outcome of the chalk paint would be.

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Truthfully, if I didn't know it was chalk paint, I would think the paint was simply a latex Up until it dries. The surface on the dried chalk paint is extremely flat and dull. You can tell it is in requirement of something for a top coat. What is that something? Chalk Paint is extremely permeable and the wax will penetrate the paint and actually fuse with it making it extremely strong.

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Chalk Paint in nature- is an extremely flat milky finish and gradually could be effected by oils from your skin, discolorations from drinks, filthy fingertips. They can permanently stain the paint. The wax finish is what seals and safeguards your piece. The Purple Painted Girl A day later, I leapt in and began the wax process.

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